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Joy in His Presence

Jul 22, 2021

Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore. – Psalm 16:11

My days are often packed from morning until late at night with countless duties. Housework, hurried errands, chauffeuring,
and a part time job all demand my energy and time. Slipped in between these tasks, I must return phone calls as well as encourage and comfort my children
and husband who occasionally have hard days. Shopping for groceries is another task that has to be shuffled each week to fit into this overtaxed schedule.
For a while, my only time with God was church on Sunday, reading a few Bible verses each day, and a quick pit stop on my knees before bed.

For quite some time, this fast-paced program I participated in raged on like an out of control fire burning up every waking minute. Each day left me feeling
weary. I wanted a little joy for all my efforts, but it seemed hidden from view. I knew I could not go on like that. As a Christian, I realized that
other things were swallowing up my spiritual walk. One day, exhausted and feeling tired of life’s endless routine, I stopped everything and prayed.
Then and there, I established a place of quiet fellowship and communion with God, which I resolved to make a daily part of my life, no matter how busy
I was.

My times with the Lord have not always been in a quiet room or at church. Some have transpired while driving a longer distance than normal. Other times
of precious fellowship have occurred while pushing the grocery cart up and down the supermarket aisles and quietly singing my favorite hymns. Times
of sweet communion have also taken place as I strolled down country lanes or sandy beaches admiring God’s glorious creation. No matter where I am,
the Lord meets me.

I still have numerous days when everything is in a whirl, but as I come into God’s presence and put my daily woes on hold, the things that are important
still seem to get done. My soul is continually refreshed and filled with joy as I travel along with my Lord.

Have you set aside a time each day to spend with the Lord? If you have not, begin now. Your spiritual growth and well-being depend on it.