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Mastering the Violin

Jul 21, 2021

Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only. – James 1:22

My daughter took Suzuki violin lessons when she was a little girl. Theoretically, with this program, a child’s parent
could learn to play the violin along with the small child. The parent accompanies the student to the lessons, and together, they listen over and over
to the melodies they are to play. They learn how to hold the violin and the bow in just the right way, and they learn the names and the sounds of the

I did all those things with my daughter. She listened, did as she was instructed, and took advantage of her practice time. She eventually learned to play
the violin very well. On the other hand, I learned how to hold the instrument and the bow, but I sounded terrible when I pulled the bow across the
strings. Why? Because I never practiced!

When I was a young girl, I did learn to play the clarinet. I learned because I practiced what I was taught. If I had taken advantage of the lessons and
all the practice time with my daughter, I could have learned to play the violin also.

How many people read the Bible and go to church and Sunday school regularly but never take advantage of the things they hear and observe? The Bible says
that it is very important not only to hear the Word of God, but also to let the Lord take control of our lives so we are able to perform those things
that He would have us to do. We have to take the lessons that we receive from God and apply them to our daily lives. When we do that, we grow and mature
as Christians and see God shaping our lives in a beautiful way.

I am glad that my daughter and I both took advantage of the Bible lessons we were taught as young girls and that we both asked Jesus to come into our lives.
We strive to do as the author of the Book of James says: to “be doers” of God’s Word and “not hearers only.” It is not always easy to put God’s Word
into practice, but it brings a blessing every time!