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Know His Glory

Sep 01, 2020

For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. – Habakkuk 2:14

 A while back I purchased an artist’s rendition of the sea in all its dazzling beauty. In the painting, the
dashing waves can be seen mounting upward toward the blue sky, projecting majesty and strength. Then as the waves crested, they became a foamy torrent
of bubbles, cascading back into the lapping water. Through her work, the artist wanted to share her feelings for God’s mighty power and glory. To me
she succeeded beyond comprehension. This marvelous picture expresses God’s awesome hand ruling in all His splendor.

Have we seen, felt, or known the glory of God? When we lift our eyes to the snow-capped mountains at sunrise and see God’s glistening fingerprints sparkling
on the reflective light, this is glory. When we hold a newborn baby and see its unique features that only God can create, a joy wells up in our souls,
this is glory. When a rainbow spans the sky after a shower and our hearts suddenly reach out to God, rejoicing with jubilation at such loveliness,
this is glory.

What wonderful splendors the Lord God created for us to enjoy, from the oceans with their waves and beautiful sunrises and sunsets, to the flowers of the
fields and gardens, and the rippling brooks running over moss-covered beds. Even in the cloud formations scattered across the vast heavens one can
view the glory of God.

However, when we spend time in church with other saints of God in total communion with our Creator, we will find the greatest glory of all. This glory
builds in our hearts and spills out onto everyone we meet. When we praise, show respect, give reverence, adore, honor, or worship God, we will find
ourselves in the center of His glory. This, truly, is glory.

Dear Lord God, Thank You for so many things in nature which reveal Your glory. Today I want to praise You for this loveliness, for Your awesome touch in the world that seems to have forgotten what true glory is. I adore and worship You. Amen.