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A Wedding Story

Aug 31, 2020

Come hither, I will shew thee the bride, the Lamb’s wife. – Revelation 21:9

As people age, they often begin to look back over their lives, remembering important events. Recently, I started to reminisce about my wedding day
in June of 1959. It was probably the happiest day of my life. I had found “Mr. Right,” and on the day of my wedding, I was on cloud nine.

There was a lot of time and effort that myself and others put into my wedding, but it was all worth it. Few events in life can equal the importance
of entering a marriage. Many brides are very nervous and some are so emotional that they cry as they walk down the aisle to be married. I was not
one of those brides. I was so happy that I did not even know I had any nerves!

Someday, if I am faithful to the Lord, I will be a bride again. In fact, all those who have made preparation by asking forgiveness of their sins and
living in obedience to the Lord have the same promise. We will one day participate in the most important wedding of all when Jesus returns for
His redeemed, the Bride of Christ.

I am sure that the Bride of Christ will not be a bundle of nerves, and if there are any tears, they will be tears of joy and happiness. Our earthly
minds cannot comprehend the incredible joy and happiness that will fill our hearts when we are caught up to meet our Bridegroom in the air, to
be with Him forever. My earthly husband passed away in the year 2000. This time, as the Bride of Christ, I will live where there is no dying, pain,
or sorrow. It will be forever. What a glorious thought!

There are many lovely weddings that take place on this earth, but none can compare with that tremendous, spectacular wedding that will take place when
Jesus claims His Bride. Let us make sure that we are ready for that wonderful day when Jesus will return for His bride!

Dear Jesus, Help all of us to be dressed in our “wedding garments,” with our hearts pure and ready to meet You, when You come back to this earth to claim Your Bride. Amen.