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One Step at a Time

Oct 04, 2020

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. – Jeremiah 1:5

As fall registration commenced, Joel eagerly anticipated going to college. He had always dreamed of becoming a lawyer
and was determined to pursue this career. What added to Joel’s excitement was that about a month before school started, he had attended a youth revival
and had given his heart to Jesus. Not only did he want to be the best lawyer in his field, but also he was determined to uphold Christian standards
while attending college.

During Joel’s years of study at college he maintained excellent grades; he was even awarded his diploma cum laude at his graduation ceremony.
His family was elated to have the first lawyer in their family.

In the late summer of that year, Joel attended a youth conference where he heard dynamic teachings about knowing and answering the call of God upon your
life. During the nightly services, he could feel the Holy Spirit speaking to his heart concerning the ministry. Joel knew that God was calling him
to preach and to commit to full-time ministry, but becoming a lawyer was his love and he had spent years in college pursuing a law degree. Now what?

Surely, Satan wanted Joel to believe that he had made a wrong choice about going to college, and that his education would be wasted if He followed the
Lord. But that is not true. God had allowed Joel to finish his education, and then Joel willingly answered God’s call when it came his way. Even though
he did not know why God had led him down that particular path, he could trust that there was a reason for every part of God’s plan. Possibly, things
learned in law school could help make Joel a better preacher!

God guides us one step at a time, and when we follow Him faithfully, we can be assured that all the pieces of our lives will fit together. As Christians,
we want to be sure all our goals and aspirations are submitted to God. If we keep God first, and are led by His Spirit, we can find His perfect will
for our lives. That will bring perfect fulfillment.

Dear Lord, How can I know Your plan for me? How can I go about fulfilling the call You have placed on my life? Please direct my steps and make the way clear to me. Help me to follow Your leading today. Amen.