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Postage Free

Nov 09, 2020

The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth. – Psalm 145:18

As the warm rain touched the white sand on the beautiful shores of Nassau, my daughter stood watching it from inside
her hotel room. She was fully enjoying her graduation trip to the Bahamas. The rain had hampered any beach plans, so she decided to write a postcard
to her sister. After she penned a few sentences and filled out the address, she headed down to the hotel’s guest services office to post the card.
As she dropped off her mail, she thought of how fun it would be, in a few days, when her sister would get that note from thousands of miles away.

Well, the fact is, my daughter arrived home a week before the postcard did! Her sister was still happy to receive the card, but by then the excitement
had decreased significantly. It just wasn’t the same.

Communication between family and friends can sometimes be a challenge, but we can be so thankful that communication with the Lord is never that way! To
reach Him, we need only whisper a prayer. His messaging service is free, and deliveries are always timed perfectly.

What if it took two weeks to get a message to the Lord, as it did for my daughter’s card to arrive? What if it took an additional two or three weeks to
get a reply back from God? We would miss that instant peace and assurance that He gives when we bring our troubles to Him, and we might become discouraged
in our spiritual walk. Thank God, He saw our need for communication with Him and made a way for us to talk to Him any time, day or night. Our mail
service may be slow at times, and letters or parcels might be misplaced, but our prayers to the Lord never get lost between Heaven and earth. His office
is likely overflowing with requests and messages, yet each one receives His immediate and loving attention.

The Lord loves to hear from us. He is thrilled to receive our praises, concerns, exciting news, and thanksgiving, and He also loves to send messages our
way, too. He is waiting and watching for our post.