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Read the instructions

Jul 20, 2021

Hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not. – Proverbs 8:33

How many times have you purchased a piece of equipment and, because the assembly process looked easy, just put the pieces
together without following the instructions? My husband felt this way while he was putting together a stroller that we had purchased. The diagrams
on the instruction sheet looked simple, so he decided he did not need to actually read the instructions.

After he finished assembling the stroller, it appeared to be fine. There were no outward signs that indicated otherwise. However, when I tried to use the
stroller, there was definitely a problem. For some reason, the two front wheels would not turn easily while pushing it. After struggling with this
for a couple of months, I finally told my husband about the problem. He inspected the stroller thoroughly and came to the conclusion that two washers,
which he had thrown away as “extra pieces,” needed to go inside the joints where the wheels connected to the base of the stroller. Needless to say,
my mind raced with thoughts like: Why didn’t you just read the instructions?!

Following instructions is very important. Every Christian is given a set of instructions too—the Bible. It is a manual that will never steer us in
the wrong direction, and with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, it gives the answer for what to do in all of life’s situations.

Yet, sometimes we may be tempted to jump right into a situation without consulting God and reading His Word first. Maybe we think our problem is simple
enough to handle on our own, or that God’s way will somehow be harder than our own method. The truth is, neglecting God’s instructions usually results
in unnecessary heartache in the end. Upon closer inspection, we will likely discover that if we had carefully followed God’s instructions from the
start, things would have been far better.

My husband learned how to assemble our stroller the hard way, but it could have been much easier. We also do not have to learn life’s lessons the hard
way because God’s Word gives us clear instructions on how to live. If you are facing a trying situation today and are not sure what to do, start by
reading God’s instructions!