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Security Updates

Nov 01, 2020

Warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus. – Colossians 1:28

“Warning! Your domain server has detected a virus but is unable to clean it.”

“Warning! Your domain server has detected a virus but is unable to clean it.”

“Warning! Your domain server has detected a virus but is unable to clean it.”

“Warning! You have a virus outbreak on your network server.”

Part of my job description involves maintaining thirty networked computers in an office setting. One of my maintenance tasks is ensuring that the latest
patches and security updates are downloaded and installed on all pertinent computers. Failure to follow through with this task will not cause the
computer to malfunction, but it will leave gaps in the computer’s security, allowing it to be unprotected against new viruses that crop up.

In my case, failure to spend a few minutes here and there updating the computers resulted in a significant breach in security one Friday. By 11:00
that morning, I was dealing with more than seventy infected files. Working through the afternoon, I slowly made progress in repairing the damage,
and by 7:30 that evening, all the computers had been updated, the infected files deleted, and the network was running smoothly again. To think,
all of that trouble occurred because I neglected a few security updates!

As I breathed a sigh of relief and prepared to go home, the Lord spoke to my heart, “This is a lot like your spiritual life. When I bring to your attention
little things that you should take care of, the wisest and safest thing to do is to take care of them at that moment. Ignoring My instructions
will lead to a potentially disastrous situation.” Having spent the whole day trying to recover our computer network, the illustration made a sharp
impression on my heart. I arrived home that evening very tired, but determined to follow the promptings of the Lord more speedily.

God wants us to be victorious. He has provided everything we need to live in victory, but if we decide to not take the steps necessary to keep our
spiritual security intact, we will be vulnerable to the attacks of Satan. Yes, the situation can usually be corrected, but how much better it is
to not have to deal with the feelings of frustration and failure. What a great day this will be if we promptly heed any warnings God sends our