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A Best Friend

Nov 02, 2020

. . . there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. – Proverbs 18:24

Until recently, I did not fully appreciate what it meant to have Jesus as my best friend. Not long ago, I was diagnosed with an incurable disease.
By some standards, the disease has been kind to me. I am still fairly independent and can care for myself. But there were changes that took place
in my life that tested the very foundation of my faith. Changes so small they were unnoticed or misunderstood by many of my close friends.

Most of all, loneliness consumed me. I felt there was nobody I could share my uncertainties and feelings with. I longed for someone I could talk to,
someone who would understand what I was going through. As I turned to Jesus for strength and guidance, I found so much more. When I was angry at
what the disease had taken from me, He was there—not to condemn my anger or give advice, but to comfort. Just like a best friend, He listened.
When my tears demanded release, He would lend me His shoulder and soothe my fears. When I could cry no more, He would give me a gentle nudge and
tell me to keep pressing on. Just like a best friend, He believed I could make it. When I grew confused with all the decisions that needed to be
made, He would help me sort them out. Together we would seek our Father’s will for my life. He gave me His strength when mine was failing. I trusted
Him with my doubts and secret fears. Suddenly, I realized my prayers had turned into more than petitions to the Lord. They were conversations with
my best Friend.

When did the relationship change? I am not sure. But this one thing I know: Jesus is truly my best Friend.

Is Jesus your best Friend? Can you laugh and cry with Him? Can you share your deepest secrets with Him? That is the relationship He desires to have
with everyone. To have Jesus call you His friend is wonderful, but to truly experience Him as your best Friend is amazing.