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Seeking God

Jun 09, 2021

He that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. – Hebrews 11:6

One evening when I came home, my wife said, “I have some bad news for you.” (A husband just loves to hear that!) She
went on, “I lost a needle today. It’s somewhere in the master bedroom . . . on your side of the bed. It might be on the bed, or in the chair where
you read, or on the floor.”

She went on to tell me, “I looked for it myself, but I couldn’t find it.” Well, it was fine that she had already looked, but I determined to look for it
anyway. I set myself to find that needle. I was not going to wait until I found it with my foot! So I went to the bedroom and started my search.
I reached carefully down inside the edge of my chair. No needle. I ran my hand gently across the bed. No needle. Finally, I went out into the garage
and got a flashlight, and I put my nose right down on the carpet. I was determined to find that needle!

It took a while, but I finally found it. And there was more rejoicing over the needle that was found than over the ninety and nine that were not lost!
I asked my wife, “Is this the needle?” I wanted to make sure there was not another one lost around there somewhere. She said, “That’s the one.” I was
happy. You are happy when you find something you have been seeking!

How determined are you about seeking God? Have we set ourselves to seek His face? We can know God, and He wants us to know Him, but we have to want to
know Him. God will reward those who pursue a relationship with Him!

Dear Lord, Please give me a heart that is intent upon seeking You. I want to persist in my commitment to draw near to You! Amen.