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The Rug in the Garage

Aug 22, 2021

Likewise greet the church that is in their house. – Romans 16:5

In a rented house on “D” Street, in a mid-sized metropolitan area, our little group was holding its first Bible study.
There were eleven of us, including three small children.

It seemed to be a success, so we decided to hold another Bible study two weeks later at someone else’s home. We continued this pattern for well over a
year, and the attendance increased sporadically.

After a year, we discussed with each participant whether or not to continue, quit, or start a regular church. We chose to start a church. The decision
was not made lightly, and although it felt overwhelming at times, we put our confidence in God and followed His leading. Finding a building seemed
futile, so we decided to buy a home and hold services there. After we searched for a while, my wife announced, “I had a dream that we found a new house.
It had a rug in the garage where we could hold services.”

At first, I dismissed her dream, but then an ad in the newspaper caught my eye. It announced, “Closeout of housing development.” I made my way to the address
given and met the builder. He said he was out of money and out of time with his lender. He showed us the model home. The garage had been converted
into a real estate office, rug and all, and was fully functional for holding meetings! In response to our, “We’ll take it!” he asked, “Aren’t you are
supposed to go home and think it over?” But we knew that God had brought us to that place—there was nothing else to think over.

The next Sunday, with a music stand as a pulpit and upholstered furniture for the pews, we were prepared to hold our first service. I was praying in one
of the bedrooms when my wife came in and announced, “Thirty-two people have shown up!” The Lord blessed us with double that amount in a few months,
so we rented a nearby hall, where the congregation, once again, nearly doubled.

My wife and I have left that area now, but not before we saw God provide a church building for that congregation. Today it is still a successful church
with a young congregation.

It is amazing to think how the Lord led us step by step from a small Bible study group to a full congregation. He directed every part of His plan, provided
every need, and we were merely willing hearts along for the adventure. Is there something in your life that seems out of reach? Pray about it—if
it is God’s will for you, it will happen. There is nothing God cannot do!