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Approved Message

Nov 03, 2020

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. – Mark 16:15

Watching the commercials of political candidates, I am struck by the endorsements they give following their pitches:
“I am John Doe, and I approve this message.” If you listen to “the message,” it either talks about how wonderful this candidate is and the fantastic
things he or she will do if elected, or it warns about how bad the other candidates are and the ways they will muddle the world if they get into office.
It is never a surprise when candidates approve their own messages, and yet, I have a feeling the opponents would not approve!

These commercials are geared to win our votes and maybe even inspire us to join a campaign. And while the arguments presented often sound good, we know
that these ads are, by their very nature, entirely biased. They say only what that candidate wants people to believe in order to win the election.
Hence, their own “approval” has little persuasive power.

However, there is one message which we know can be trusted. God sent Jesus to the earth with this vital message: “The kingdom of God is at hand: repent
ye, and believe the gospel” (Mark 1:15). Later, upon the mount of transfiguration, God spoke out of a cloud and said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom
I am well pleased; hear ye him” (Matthew 17:5). God approved of Jesus and His message.

We might doubt the words of self-endorsing politicians, but we need not doubt the Creator of all things. His Word has been proven through experience and
endurance, and it does not change. His promises are not empty words that will be forgotten as soon as we are converted. To the contrary, when we surrender
to God’s will, we can claim His promises and see them work in our lives!

God’s message is that He loves all of us, and that through repentance, all can be saved from a lost eternity. Jesus can live in hearts, give victory over
sin, and take people to live with Him in Heaven forever. Our focus verse is a call to join God’s “campaign.” Let us be bold as we take this message
to the world, knowing God has approved it!