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Visit to Germany in February 2013

The Lord is opening doors in Germany! Brethren who live in Germany have been waiting and hoping, in prayer, for a visit from the London headquarters of Apostolic Faith mission. Their prayers were answered when Rev. Isaac and Sister Stella Adigun visited Germany between February 13 and 19 2013. Three families, the Kupoliyis, Igims and Ogbodos, form the core of possible Apostolic Faith activities in Germany although they live in different areas of the country. All three families have previously attended the camp meting in the UK. Rev. Adigun and Sister Stella arrived at Hamburg airport where Sister Vanessa Kupoliyi received them accompanied by her son Abraham. They all had lunch at the hotel where the Adiguns were staying. The following day, the Kupoliyis hosted Rev. and Sister Adigun at their home and it was a wonderful time of fellowship. On Friday February 15th the visiting couple were at Bro. Igim’s house and had dinner with him and his family. On Saturday 16th was a meeting with the family and their neighbours, which had twelve people in attendance including children. The Bible study was based on Jonah. The children also shared bible stories and sang beautifully. After the meeting at the Igims, Rev. Adigun and Sister Stella travelled by train to Heidelberg, a journey that took approximately 5 hours! Bro. Ogbodo and his family live in Heidelberg and have a rented facility, which is used for a place of worship. On Sunday 17th February, Bro Ogbodo opened Sunday school with a piano duet with his daughter, and later took the Sunday school with a theme of Maintaining Friendship. To open the devotional service that followed, Bro. Ogbodo accompanied by his daughter, sang a duet and Rev. Isaac preached on the story of Mephibosheth taken from 11 Samuel 9 to build on the theme started during the Sunday school. The meeting closed with a wonderful prayer meeting as the power of God came down in the hall. The time for prayer had to be curtailed because of the limited time available to use the facility. It was a wonderful time of worship; one woman who attended confessed she felt peace of mind being with the group. One other testimony from the Sunday service is that God brought people to the meeting from the street simply because they saw the poster on the side door leading to the place of worship, which was located in the basement. The next day, Monday 18th February the Adiguns went to visit the Ogbodos, where they had a prayer session, and later sat down to dinner with the family. This visit has been one of wonderful fellowship and meaningful worship. Please pray that God will provide for the people He has placed in the field in Germany and water the seed that is being planted in the country.
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Visit to Germany
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