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Camp 2014 report for Friday

Families took advantage of the last Bible Teaching to attend the Morning Prayer meeting where the entire desire of all was "bless me today, Lord!" 

The Service started with brother Steve Ogbodo of Germany using his trombone to play a series of hymn accompanied with the organ and piano. They were on, Through the love of God our Saviour, all will be well and the Son of God goes forth to war, a Kingly crown to gain. The choir set the tone of the teaching with songs such as Soon and very soon, we're going to see the king, and My Jesus is coming.  A few more songs by the congregation followed, such as, Lord I lift up your name on high, I'll rest and tell the story, Impatient Heart be still and the Church has waited long.

 Rev. Adigun reminded all that the Campmeeting is winding up and we should begin to take stock of what the Lord has done for us. If we've not already receive what we came for, we should get ready to ask the Lord. The last song before the Bible Teaching rendered by Seun Idowu warned us of God's Final Call.  

Reverend Kayode Ajiboye taught on The Second Coming of Christ (Acts 1: 9-13). He said we could not go wrong for holding unto the promises of Scripture that Jesus is coming again. If prophecies concerning Jesus' first coming were fulfilled, then we believe same will be true for his Second Coming. The Word of God is not just vehicle of communication, but it is life and dependable just as Jesus is dependable, and we can stake our lives on it. Believing that Jesus is coming again is not a vague hope; it is a sure and lively hope. However, seeing what is happening around us, we can easily get discouraged because the things happening are scoffers challenging our faith in this end time. We should rather be encouraged because we are on the right path (Acts 14: 1-3; 2 Peter 3: 1-5; 1 Thes 4: 13-18). It will take the power of God to help us stand. Despite all kinds of injustices, trials and persecutions for our faith, Jesus will see us through. We have the hope that Jesus is coming again. Meanwhile, the coming of Jesus Christ will open the floodgate of so many events - Jesus as a Mighty Magnet will capture His people (Bride) away; the Marriage Super of Lamb with Jesus being the principal Service (Rev. 19: 7; Matt 25: 23), the reign of Anti-Christ with open evil, wickedness, lawlessness, pandemonium, torture, torment and pestilences of epidemic proportions (Rev.3:5-13); The restoration of the Holy Spirit to the Jews which will be taken away from Gentiles (Zechariah 12: 10);  The Revelation of Jesus Christ to establish the millennial reign (Rev 1: 7; 19: 11-16), and the binding and casting of Satan into the bottomless pit while his Anti-Christ will be cast into Hell with his False Prophet at the Battle of Armageddon (Rev.20: 1-3). The Rapture itself is the beginning of our being with Jesus Christ forever. Glorious things will happen.  It is not what any one of us should miss, but rather strive to make it. Whatever we are going through now is worth the price. And the only thing that will qualify you to be a partaker of the Second Coming is Salvation. You cannot pray too much to make it. When life is in danger, priority is redefined. He concluded with the story of the little girl whose school the Queen visited. After the visit, she was upset and wept profusely. As they tried to comfort her, they told her that but the queen visited and saw all in the school. She agreed and said, yes I saw the queen but did the queen see me? She kept weeping. He encouraged all to remain faithful at what they are doing for the King of kings sees us at our posts and at the Marriage Super, we will receive our rewards.

 Today also saw the last Youth Service of the Campmeeting. A number of youths gave special songs including Naomi, the daughter of Steve Ogbodo (Germany) and Marvel & Praises Akerejola (Sussex) on Jesus, thank you for the Cross. The Sermon was given by brother Dele Opeifa on Jesus is passing this way.

 The evangelistic service created an atmosphere of intense worship with songs like, Though the angry surges roll, and I've wandered far away from God, Now I'm coming home. Sermon by brother Toyin Ajayi was on And Jesus says No! He assured all that as a loving father will say no to his son not to get hurts by actions or things, Jesus is equally saying no to Sin and Situations that will hurt us and possibly lead one to doom. Using his personal testimony, he expressed how the Lord Jesus delivered him from horrible lifestyle of drunkenness and fulfilled his childhood dream of being a preacher. In conclusion, he assured us that there is a point where Jesus demands the enemy of our soul to retreat as God intervened for David when Saul was chasing him. Jesus has therefore come to say No to things that will restrict us from being blessed.  



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