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Christmas 2016 nativity play

The children at Bexley branch presented a nativity play at Christmas 2016 reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas. (Jesus to be born into the HEART of all).

Expectations were very high, especially from participating Sunday School Children, as we started Christmas Musical 2016. The event opened at 11am with a congregational hymn. About 200 people were in attendance. 
We then had a captivating Orchestration from the Sunday School Children (LIGHT HOUSE) and an opening prayer.  Then followed about 75 minutes "object lesson" as a presentation on "THE BIRTH OF JESUS".

This age-old story of the birth of Jesus started with the greedy Emperor (Caesar) who passed a decree that people should go to their native lands to pay tax. Mary and Joseph travelled with a donkey all night all the way to Bethlehem, their native place of birth. Mary at this time was "heavy with child", about to give birth to Jesus; but no space could be found in the inns to accommodate her. 
The keeper of one of the inns offered a stable attached to his inn to Mary and Joseph . This is how our Saviour was born in a manager.

The presentation used two Narrators that took time to explain each stage of the process culminating in the birth of Jesus. They explained the different stages Mary and Joseph had to travel through, the presence of soldiers who were keeping law and order for Caeser, various keepers of inns who turned down Mary and Joseph, the wise men and their journey, and the shepherds with the glorious vision they had of the announcement of His birth by an angelic choir. 
God used the presentation to bring an answer to the question DO YOU KNOW JESUS?
At the end people went on their knees to pray. 
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Christmas 2016 nativity play at Bexley
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