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Post camp meeting revival week 2017. Day 4 report

Prayer Coordinator: Bro. Loeto Gaogane

Topic: Seek Ye First
We began the meeting by singing from CGS:194, "Come Thou fount of every blessing", and then we sang from CGS 13 - "For mercies countless as the sands", followed by SS&S No. 2 - "A mighty fortress is our God, a Bulwark never failing". Lastly, we sand CGS 241 - "Just as I am, without one plea"   
 He read from Genesis 13:10-13.    He then introduced the session, by highlighting the latter part of verse 12 "and pitched his tent toward Sodom". He expanded this by comparing this action of Lot's to our modern day behaviour of focusing on physical things first before God. We are warned to focus on God and spiritual things first before physical things. 
He also read from Matthew 6:33:   "33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." A short but powerful verse that all Christians are beseeched to follow, God will reward His children when their gaze is on heaven. He emphasized the point of not "pitching our tent" toward Sodom, which can be done by agreeing with the flesh, and focusing on carnal things. 
 He asked such pertinent questions as, "do you choose a job simply because of what it offers or because God wants you to do that job"; "Do you begin a career because it's popular or do you ask God what He wants you to do?"; "Do you choose a spouse, or will you allow God to choose for you?" He admonished that God sees the full picture that man doesn't see, and if we only focus on Him, all these things, whether it's work, stability, relationships or spiritual blessings, they all will be added unto us.
 It was then prayer time and a good time to consecrate more. In the 2nd section we sang CGS:237 "No, not despairingly, Come I to thee;" following which the prayer requests were read and we took it all to the Lord in prayers.  
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