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A Miraculous Deliverance

I was born into a nominal Christian home and although I went to church, I had never heard of salvation or sanctification. Right from my youthful age, I had always had a heart to serve God, but I did not know how. Before I got married, my father heard about the Apostolic Faith. He told me that there was a church in Ikot Enwang, Nigeria that prayed and where God answered prayers. He wanted me to go to the Apostolic Faith but was not prepared to go himself. He arranged with one of the members to be taking me to Church. Unfortunately, the plans did not materialise.

I got married and God blessed our marriage with five children however, it pleased the Lord to take one home. We later moved to London where we met a brother who told us there was an Apostolic Faith church in London. By that time however, I had lost interest in going to Church and serving God. One day, my husband decided that he was going to church. Of course I too had to go. Reluctantly I followed him although my heart was not there.

After a while of attending church, my husband told me that he was saved. He told me that if he died, he was going to heaven. This struck my heart and the Spirit of God convicted me of my sins. I prayed and Jesus saved my soul. Jesus became real in my life. He became my friend, He became my ALL. I consecrated further and He sanctified and baptised me with the Holy Ghost and fire. I have passed through many waters, climbed many mountains, and gone down valleys since then, but God has been faithful. In trouble I cry to Him and He always answers me.

God performed a wonderful miracle for me 19 years ago when I was having my last child. There were many complications and the doctors wanted to operate on me to remove the child. I had implicit trust and faith in God that He was able to deliver me. I told the doctors that my God would deliver me and that I did not consent to any operation. My husband stood by me and supported my stand by telling them that my life and that of our baby was insured by God. The doctors abandoned us but God did not let us down. The people of God were praying for us and as they prayed the victory was won. I was delivered safely and naturally. The battle did not end there because it took another 3 hours of prayers for the placenta to come out.

 Faith, (the name we gave our daughter due to all that we went through) was born premature and in her first few years battled with life. She almost died at a point. But God brought her back to life. Today, God has healed her and she is a living testimony to the healing power in the Blood of Jesus.

There is nothing that will ever make me leave this God who has done so much for me. I want to remain faithful to the end. Praise the Lord with me.


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