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I thank God for bringing me into contact with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I accepted the gospel at a very tender age through my aunt who was a Christian. In Sunday school, I was taught how to pray. I prayed and God saved my soul and sanctified me. I found it difficult to pray through to the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, but at His own time He did it for me.

I came from a very poor family. My father died when I was about six weeks old, so I grew up with nothing. I thank God for my mother's sister who looked after me to the best of the ability God gave her. After my secondary school, my aunt could not help anymore to further my education because of lack of funds. I left home in order not to continue being a burden to my aunt and searched for menial jobs to earn a living.


During this period of my life I passed through many problems and persecutions. Many lies were told about me and the devil brought so many things to drive me away from the Gospel. I was homeless for many years, with no clothes and no shoes. I was despised and rejected. I remember vividly how I used to lie on my stomach to reduce hunger pains and how I would stay in the church for as long as I could without food. Seeing food to eat for a day was heaven for me. But today I thank God for providing for my family.

With everything I went through, not once did I say that I would leave the Gospel. God used all the unspeakable situations as a training ground for me to strengthen my faith in Him. Instead of drawing back, God put a pressing desire in my heart to learn instrument. I borrowed other people's violins and started practising. An opportunity arose for young people in my station to be sent to Lagos to study music. I had the longing to do so but there was no one to sponsor me. I cried bitterly the day others left for Lagos .

In a miraculous way, God allowed the overseer of my area to sponsor me for musical training. God landed me into the hand of an international violin teacher and gave me marvellous understanding of the instrument. At God's own time He helped me to become a violin tutor.

When it was time to get married God provided for me a caring husband. After our wedding I was refused an entry visa into the UK . I stayed back in Nigeria for three and half years but I thank God that finally the way opened for me to join my husband.


When I arrived in the UK , it seemed the hosts of hell arose against me; I faced problems that I am not able to explain in this testimony. It took a while for us to be able to start a family. There is nothing God cannot do. In the mist of trouble, I was confirmed pregnant and was happy that at last the Lord had done it. But about 6-8 weeks into the pregnancy I had a bad dream that someone came in and took my baby away; in the morning, I had a miscarriage. The battle continued, but I thank God because there is power in the Word of God. His Words became my companion and my daily food. Today I thank God because in His own time, He did not just bless us with another child, but embarrassed' me with twins in order to prove His power. After the twins, we were blessed with another child. God saw me through all my pregnancies. God spared my life especially at my second pregnancy.

The devil tried to scatter my marriage at a point in time, but I called upon the God of marriage and the devil was put in everlasting shame. I thank God for fighting all my battles for me and giving me victory. I thank God because all that the devil took away from my marriage, the Lord brought back. He restored the sweetness, oneness, and love that the canker worms had eaten.

I thank God for my family and all the children of God around me who have been great source of encouragement to me. I want God to help me and take me to heaven at last.


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